Honduras Copan Ruinas Washed
Honduras Copan Ruinas Washed
Honduras Copan Ruinas Washed

Honduras Copan Ruinas Washed

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These are in season, ethically sourced coffees from around world.  Each coffee is individually chosen by us because they are coffees we love to drink.


We were more than excited to venture to the gorgeous and exotic growing region of Copan Ruinas, Honduras this past January. Not only were we able to take in the great food, drink, history, and of course soak up this small town’s incredible culture, but we also met an incredible coffee grower. 

A very passionate and dedicated grower doing the best for his land, his family, and country.  Erlin Barilas of Coffeerama Farms inspired us with his dedication, motivation, and ambition toward not just growing but evolving Honduran coffee.  His incredible farm (not to mention the view) reminded us why we ever decided to pursue roasting coffee, and most importantly the delicious coffee he grows!

Speaking with Erlin he told us all about his coffee origins:

“My first memory of coffee was with my grandfather, he was a coffee farmer as well. Working the land and farming coffee is in my blood ...

However, my coffee career wouldn’t start there… at least not yet…

I was first a public school teacher in Honduras.  During my time teaching, I experienced an unfortunate life-changing event. It was at the point I decided to move and start fresh in the U.S.A.  I would then spend the next 15 years successfully working and living in the US.  However, there was always something in the back of my mind calling me back to my roots in western Honduras.  Finally, in 2011 I decided I was going home!

Inspired by my Grandfather I wanted to plant coffee.  I was serious about contributing to the Honduran coffee industry and focused on quality and producing speciality grade coffee. I wanted to make a difference in the Honduran coffee industry. 

I dream to make that difference creating a trade centre to connect small hold, Honduran farmers, with the world and to ensure they are fairly paid for their coffee. I want to create a positive economic impact for my region, but for right now it is just a dream.  Like my friends from Manic Pixie Dream Coffee say WE ALL ARE DREAMERS TOO...and in my case just like them I am excited to make work to make those dreams come true!”

All Erlin’s coffees are grown at high elevation on his pristine and awe-inspiring farm.  The farm's steep coffee-growing hills overlook the beautiful region of Western Honduras and lies just outside the world-famous Copan Ruinas Mayan ruins.  They are all shade-grown, hand-harvested, and hand-sorted, and dried in magnificent Honduran sun.

Tasting notes: stewed fig, almond, vanilla

  • Producer: Erlin Barillas
  • Farm: Coffeerama Farms
  • Variety: Obata, Lempira
  • Process: Washed
  • Roast: Light / Medium
  • 8oz/227 grams or 1kg bags available
  • Whole bean, ground upon request