Our One Year Anniversary & Upcoming News

Our One Year Anniversary & Upcoming News

A little over a year ago Kristen and I roasted the inaugural batch of Manic Pixie Dream Coffee representing the advent of this new and exciting endeavour. We're so very thrilled that we can be here today and write this letter still fueled by great coffee, great adventure, and great people.  It's an honour to have had all this continuing support, and it is because of all of you that MPDC continues to grow and seek new horizons!


We also wanted to take this time to present where we are, what we are up to, and where we are heading. It is really a reaffirmation of the core values that inspired us to start sourcing and roasting great coffee.

We have always been enamoured with the notion of “terroir” in wine and this nebulous, somewhat intangible, concept is also alive and well in the great coffee regions of the world. If you are interested in learning more, there are many resources that offer a fuller explanation of terroir, but put simply it represents the many variations combinations of place and people that impact the unique character of its bounty.

It is those two factors that drive our vision and mission. We want to explore and represent place through meticulously sourced single-origin coffees, and we want to give a platform for the incredible people that grow and process these coffees. 

We are excited to bring these coffees to Niagara and across Ontario.  We have decided to start sourcing smaller batches of more interesting and characterful coffees.  This as result will see us more closely chasing the coffee growing season and offering a more quickly revolving set of unique origin coffees in our PIXIE range.

With these changes, you will see a small update to our PIXIE labels. We have decided to forgo all branding to bring you more detail on the coffee in the bag and why it's unique and delicious.

On the same track, we are very excited to announce our first MANIC coffee. It is an incredible anaerobic fermented coffee from producer Kawo Kamina in the Sheka Region Ethiopia. We will share more info as we release it in the coming months. This line will be our most premium and unique small-lot coffee and is meant to showcase the coffees you dream of experiencing.  However, it is very limited and we will only be roasting it once. This coffee will be sold by pre-order only. 

Beyond our exciting progress, we do understand the very real situation that this unprecedented virus is having not just globally, but also here at home with our own families, friends, and supporters. We have adopted a free local weekly (Fridays) delivery for anyone in the Niagara region for any size order. We believe during this time the small escapes from reality can count for so much more. If we can help, if only through freshly roasted coffee and a contactless delivery, we honoured to do our part.

We wish you all the best and look forward to sharing our continued evolution with you all!

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