Our Story

This is the coffee you dream about.

A chef and a winemaker roasting delicious, single origin coffee in Niagara. 

We are sourcing direct trade and ethical coffee from around the world.


We have grown (literally!)

Manic Pixie Dream Coffee now includes The Garden @ MPDC

We love celebrating everything grown with care and passion.  Much like the farmers we work with.  Please visit our Instagram for seasonal availability and DM us to purchase and pick up.

Visit THE GARDEN @ MPDC on Instagram

Direct trade

Direct trade, distinctly unique flavours

We have a commitment to work as close with the farmers as possible.

We are proud to offer a number of unique products and roasts that have been sourced directly from Erlin Barillas and his farms in Honduras.

Ask a Coffee Farmer Series

We were lucky enough to visit two coffee farms in Western Honduras run by our direct trade partner, Erlin Barillas, this January.

At his San Manuel farm, Erlin answered some of our questions about the coffee growing process, his farms, and direct trade coffee.

Brewing Guide

Coffee is personal- you know you best. 

Here's our guide to get you started on your best coffee adventure.

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manic pixie dream coffee

[man-ik pik-see dreem kaw-fee]

Quirky, outgoing, yet intensely thoughtful, our coffees inspire a greater appreciation for all that lies ahead, embracing every day's infinite possibilities and adventures.

Each coffee is guided by a simple philosophy to unabashedly show off its unique character and origin.