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Honduras San Manuel

Honduras San Manuel

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These are in season, ethically sourced coffees from around world.  Each coffee is individually chosen by us because they are coffees we love to drink.


This is a new coffee sourced from our direct trade partner, Erlin Barillas.  The farm named San Manuel, is located in Western Honduras and reaches elevation much higher than our coffees sourced from his Coffeerama Farm in Copan Ruinas. This creates cooler growing temperatures and an intensity of flavours.  The coffee is grown in a cloud rainforest which is home to many unique birds, flora and fauna.

Tasting notes: Guava, Key lime pie, coconut cream

  • Producer: Erlin Barillas
  • Variety: Colombia, Parainema
  • Process: Natural
  • Roast: Medium/Light
  • 8oz/227 grams or 1kg bags available
  • Whole bean, ground upon request

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