Manic 05 - Ethiopia Gesha Village

Manic 05 - Ethiopia Gesha Village

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These are severely unique coffees; interesting processes, rare beans, low yield micro-lots.
These are coffees you need to try.


Welcome to the return of MANIC with this exceptional coffee by esteemed producer and grower Gesha Village.

Sourced from the Shiwa- Jijabu block, named for a prominent mountain and neighborhood adjacent to the farm, this Gori Gesha lot undergoes careful and meticulous processing. Fermented for 80 hours with whole cherry in sealed tanks and enhanced with mossto (coffee cherry juice), this coffee is then dried for 27 days on raised beds under the African sun.

Indulge in the unique flavors of Gesha Village's Mossto Gori Gesha coffee: ripe mango and kumquat, notes, a pistachio cream body, and subtle hints of chamomile leading to a chocolate covered cherries finish, all captured in balance through this vibrant cup of coffee.  Join us in celebrating the artistry and character of this Ethiopian coffee roasted by Manic Pixie Dream Coffee.

Tasting Notes: Pistachio cream, mango, chamomile, and kumquat
  • Origin: Ethiopia, South West State, West Omo Zone

  • Producer and Farm: Gesha Village

  • Variety: Gori Gesha

  • Process: Natural Anaerobic Mossto
  • Fermentation: 82 hour whole cherry fermentation in a sealed plastic tank
  • Harvest: 2022
  • Altitude: 1973 - 2069 masl
  • 90g jars available
  • Whole bean 

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